Membership Has It's Benefits!

By joining the Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club you will be part of a large community of people, all with the Newfoundland Dog in common.

You will always be learning new things about the breed and be able to take part in activities geared towards the Newfoundland Dog. The club regularly holds and takes part in events such as:

  • Parades, picnics and fun days
  • Carting seminars and testing
  • Water rescue seminars and testing
  • Conformation shows
  • Grooming and health seminars

The Newfie Beacon

As a member of the club you will also receive our quarterly newsletter, The Newfie Beacon. The Newfie Beacon showcases our beloved breed, the achievements of our members, highlights upcoming and past events and offers interesting and informative articles. It also offers breed specific health, grooming and training tips. It's a must-read for all Newf owners!

Join Now!

2023 membership is $45 annually


NEW Member Form: Download here

RENEWAL Member Form: Download here

The form can be mailed/emailed back to us and payment made either by cheque or etransfer.


If you don't have a sponsor (a current member of the club), you can either ask your breeder or simply note where you got your Newf.


No, not at all. Breeders have to adhere to the breed standard in their breeding program but owners can have obtained their Newf from anywhere. We love all Newfies!

Reference Links

Below are links referenced in the CONDC Membership application.