Spring Draft Seminar

Spring Draft Dog Seminar - Sunday, April 24, 2022

As of March 27th, this seminar is full. Registration is closed.

Escape the chill of winter with a Draft Dog Seminar at the Debruyn Farm in Acton.  Now is the time to try this sport for fun, practice your skills and meet other carting enthusiasts. 

The morning will start by presenting various harnesses, cart styles and components of the equipment. This will be followed by introducing the lingo and how to measure your dog for a harness. A few samples of harnesses and equipment will be available, however please bring whatever you have to share.

After an early lunch, it will be time to practice basic skills for training development, or for those with more experience, we will create exercises for precision improvement and refinement. If there is time, we can have a mini fun-trial to help you understand how such an event unfolds.

Draft work has always been a traditional job for Newfoundland dogs.  Once you and your dog become a draft team, there are countless activities in which to participate. Christmas tree drags, parades,  rides for youngsters or hauling your favorite toys or a load of puppies are only a few of the possibilities! 

Note About the Seminar

This seminar is best for dogs 18 months or older. Training exercises will be adapted based on the skills of participants. This event is not solely about trials but rather an introduction to the sport.

Entry will be limited due to COVID-19

Register to Attend

To register please download and complete the registration form and Covid waiver.

NOTE: Registration is now full.

Covid Waiver

What to Bring:

For You:  

  • Good hiking shoes 
  • A large plastic bottle tied to 10’ rope
  • Warm clothes
  • Your Lunch
  • Mask & Hand sanitizer

For your Newf: 

  • Collar
  • 6 foot leash
  • Crate 
  • Any equipment/harness you have
  • Lots of treats and water bowl